Daddy Daughter Dance

This is Why!

The Tiny Tutus Daddy Daughter Dance is such a unique and precious experience. Each year Daddies who have danced with us have loved the magic of sharing this special time with their daughters in a way they never have before.

Sharing the moments together learning the simple routine to perform in recital is a truly unique experience to be treasured.

Spending time together at rehearsals and working through the simple choreography is honestly beautiful. The memories shared between Daddy and Ballerina of their ‘in class’ moments will be as significant as performing the actual dance on stage at recital.

The Tiny Tutus Daddy Daughter Dance is about a Daddy and his little girl sharing a unique, important and very precious moment.


As part of Tiny Tutus 10 Year Birthday Celebrations we were thrilled to have collaborated with Australian singer, songwriter and musician Michael Wilks. Michael wrote a beautiful song for our 2019 Daddy Daughter Dance titled Little Things featuring our beautiful ballerinas in his film clip.

Magical Experience Shared

Watch the video to hear how lifetime memories are created between Daddy and Daughter


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What to Wear

To Rehearsal – Daddy’s wear anything they are comfortable in and can move in! We suggest joggers and comfortable clothes that they feel good in.

At Recital – To participate Daddies are required to wear a dark suit, white shirt, light coloured tie matching their ballerina’s tutu and dark / black shoes.


The Commitment

The Daddy/Daughter dance is terrific fun but it also involves lifting* their ballerina several times during the song, memorizing the simple choreography and committing to attending rehearsals.

Watch the Video

Discover what the Daddy Daughter Dance is all about in our short video below. A true ‘Making Memories Moment’


We recommend three Daddy Daughter Class rehearsals and one stage rehearsal. 

We realize that many dads travel out of town on business, however rehearsal attendance is very important. We would encourage Dad’s to attend ALL THREE rehearsals. Dancing in the Daddy Daughter Dance is a commitment not only to their ballerina but to the other Dad’s.


We do understand that life is very busy so the requirement is a MINIMUM OF TWO rehearsals prior to the stage rehearsal being compulsory. Attendance at the Stage Rehearsal is an absolute must and cannot be missed under any circumstances as this is where stage placements occur. 


No Peeking

Tiny Tutus embraces an ‘Open Door’ policy which opens classes to everyone to share with their ballerina. But this is a very special and unique class just for Daddies to share with their ballerinas.

As such all Daddy Daughter Dance rehearsals are “Closed Rehearsals”, meaning Mums, friends and family may not watch the Daddy Daughter rehearsals. The magic of seeing them together on stage at recital is such a fabulous moment and worth the suspense!

Tiny Tutus Daddy Daughter Dance