Ballet for Princesses

Welcome to the world of Tiny Tutus!

Since 2009, Tiny Tutus has delivered 140,000 preschool ballet classes and introduced dance to the lives of 48,000 ballerinas and counting.

For the first time ever, Tiny Tutus is offering our incredible curriculum and program to dance studios internationally. Partnering with Tiny Tutus means you will become a global leader in our preschool ballet movement and become part of the world’s most recognisable Preschool ballet brand.

Tiny Tutus is Australia’s leading and most recognised provider of toddler and preschool ballet classes with over 100 studios owned locations across the country.

The growth of Tiny Tutus is something never before seen in the dance market place.

This is something you want to be part of!

Tiny Tutus is now offering limited opportunities for dance studios in the USA to partner with us to bring our Tiny Tutus magic to little ballerina’s in your community.

Tiny Tutus US Program

Why choose Tiny Tutus?

By choosing to be a Tiny Tutus studio partner not only do you become part of our well-known preschool ballet brand, but you become part of our family of studios.

Your studio will then have the opportunity to:

* Build your business and increase enrolments with our targeted marketing.

* Access to branding and marketing resources to attract new students.

* Flourish as you implement our unique Tiny Tutus preschool ballet curriculum.

* Receive professional development through our Tiny Tutus trainers and mentors.

* Become part of Studio Emporium and grow your profits even further by selling dancewear and costume.

* Take part in business mentoring sessions with Tiny Tutus creator Simone Lindus and have the opportunity to be part of the Dream Studio Business Program.

This is your moment – You just have to twirl!

What do I receive?

Partner Studio Benefits

We’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting the business of dance – Take Advantage of that Experience!

Tiny Tutus started twirling in 2009 with two locations and today in 2019 we have over 100 studio owned locations across the country. That’s right, Tiny Tutus is a proven success and Simone Lindus is behind it all.

The continued growth of Tiny Tutus demonstrates the strength and success of not only our curriculum but our business. This is the kind of partnership you want.

Tiny Tutus Studio Partners have everything they need in one place!


Tiny Tutus offers a 12 month curriculum across four age groups.

The Tiny Tutus Partner Curriculum includes:

* detailed weekly lesson plans for each age group,

* music playlists,

* teaching methods and tips.

* Tailored, sequential curriculums for 16 months – 2.5 yrs (with a grownup), 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs ballerinas

Supplies & Resources

We give you all of the tools to make you successful.

* One official Tiny Tutus Prop set (including Tiny Tutus ribbon sticks, fairy wings and wands)

* One set of Tiny Tutus ballet mats

* Access to online videos with step demonstrations, sample classes, tips and tricks etc.

* Access to our downloadable activities for ballerinas to share with your families

* Access to curriculum accessories which can be purchased to compliment your classes including Tiny Tutus sticker books and colouring in sheets.

Studio Emporium

As a Tiny Tutus Studio Partner you automatically gain access to the revolutionary Studio Emporium. 

As a partner studio you’ll be able to make even further profit by selling your Tiny Tutus uniform to your ballerinas. Studio Emporium is an incredible system that integrates with your website and allows you to select items from our boutique range to sell to your ballerinas. You select what you want to sell, you select the price you want to sell it at and we send you a commission fee each month. It’s your second income stream that just keeps on giving!

Never again send your ballerinas down to the local dance store to buy shoes – this is just giving money away!

Teacher Training

Most Studio Partners choose to complete their Tiny Tutus training online via Skype meetings with our Licensing Co-ordinator, who will walk you through our program and set up, explaining everything simply so you’re ready to get started!

Tiny Tutus offers the most comprehensive online training program in the industry with videos from Simone, our curriculum expert, Bron, and a complete training guide to guide to you every step of the way. 

We’d also love to invite you to join our Dream Studio Business Program allowing you to spend time with Tiny Tutus creator Simone Lindus. This gives you not only the chance to see behind the scenes but the opportunity to work face to face for your business mentoring sessions with Tiny Tutus CEO Simone.

You’ll also receive ongoing curriculum support from our mentors and specialists to help you deliver the program to its full potential via email and phone.


Marketing and Branding

Tiny Tutus exceptional curriculum backed by our dynamic marketing and branding continues to see Tiny Tutus as the dominant force and go to choice for parents in the Preschool Ballet Market Place.

Simone is an expert in marketing directly to the people who will buy and join your classes – parents… and in particular Mums!

Simone is a speaker and presenter at industry leading events regarding marketing to parents. In the coming months she will be speaking in New York at the industry renowned M2Moms conference and also the AusMumpreneur Conference in Melbourne where she’ll be sharing her industry leading knowledge about the market place.

This is expertise you want to be part of. As a Tiny Tutus Studio Partner, you get a direct link to this kind of market leading knowledge.

Our unique approach to marketing has the ability to create a buzz like no other. Everyone will be talking about what is going on at your studio and you’ll have the resources and power to back it up!

Tiny Tutus Studio Partners receive:

* Tiny Tutus partner logo and images that can be used on your website, social media site or flyers. Marketing templates for promotion.

* Brochure templates you can customise to distribute in your area.

* Your studio name and location will be included on our top google rated website with links directly to your studio page.

* Promotion through our Tiny Tutus Facebook Page.

* The follow on benefits of our National and Regional Marketing

* Access to our Tiny Tutus Studio Promotion range to purchase additional items such as outdoor banners, marketing banners, business cards, customised brochures and much more.

Business Mentoring

We want to make sure your studio is just as successful as ours!

Our founder and creator Simone Lindus has a wealth of dance business experience she loves sharing! As an added bonus for founding Tiny Tutus Studio Partners they will receive the magic of one on one mentoring sessions with Simone three times a year. This is an invaluable opportunity to grow your business and learn from the lady who has developed the most successful national dance business.


What is the next step?

Becoming A Partner

Our Values

Tiny Tutus partner studios are dedicated and passionate about sharing dance with the little ballerinas in their communities.

Tiny Tutus partners are studios who have been recognised as offering dedicated, quality dance education in safe learning environments be they be a dedicated dance studio or other dance space. Tiny Tutus places value on the quality of the teacher and studio delivering our program, and NOT only on the décor of the classroom.

We invite dance studio owners who both teach from their own dedicated dance studio space and those who rent safe dance spaces such as community halls to join our partnering program.

To qualify for our Tiny Tutus partner program you must:

* Have or arrange a minimum of $2,000,000 dance studio public liability coverage.

* Ensure all teaching staff have working with children checks.

* Have been in business for at least 2 years.

* Have an ongoing leasing arrangement with a quality venue. If your studio is not a purpose built facility (such as a dance studio, community hall, or performance space) it will need to meet our safety and quality requirements.

Interested in learning more?

How Much Does It Cost?

The secret to Tiny Tutus success is not only our curriculum but the way we run our business.

We are very selective about which studios utilise our program and we evaluate all requests on a case by case basis.

Contact Us today to see if your studio would be a good fit and to discuss pricing for your area! All Licencing Partners are subject to an initial set up fee, but ongoing monthly fees vary depending on a number of factors. We love to chat. Contact us to find out how being a Tiny Tutus Partner would work for your studio.

Contact us for more information

Tiny Tutus US Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum time frame I have to stay a Tiny Tutus partner studio?

Yes, the minimum time frame is 18 months.

Is there a set fee that I am required to charge for the Tiny Tutus classes or can I set my own prices?

We have a recommended fee that we suggest you charge, however you can choose to set your own fees for the Tiny Tutus classes taught in your studio.

How long does each class run for?

Tiny Tutus classes run for 30 – 40 minutes in length. Your studio may decide to run your classes longer or shorter, it’s up to you.

May I still run my regular preschool dance classes and add Tiny Tutus classes on top of them?

Yes, you may run your regular preschool dance classes and add Tiny Tutus as another option for parents and students.

Do Tiny Tutus classes need to be held at my studio, or may I send teachers out to external locations?

The classes must be held at the licensed studio location. If you wish to teach at other locations you must licence these also.

May I ask for a Tiny Tutus mentor to visit?

Yes, for an additional fee a Tiny Tutus mentor can come to your studio to hold meetings and workshops for all of your staff.

How do I learn more?

What our families are saying

My daughter has an amazing time each time she attends a Tiny Tutus class. The teacher is so friendly and welcoming and it’s just such a beautiful environment.

I love the smile it puts on not only our daughter’s face but also our faces as parents. Our daughter absolutely loves going to class every week and gets so involved. The teacher manages the girls so well which encourages them to participate fully. We are very happy to be a part of Tiny Tutus.

Tiny Tutus provides my little one with many benefits such as exercise, routine, team play, socialising, co-ordination etc.  She loves dancing so she genuinely enjoys herself and is really excited to attend class every week.

I love Tiny Tutus for my child’s interaction & learning to take instructions. I also love to watch her dance & she loves wearing her tutu. Our teacher is very encouraging and always in happy spirits. Its a lovely environment to be a part of.

I love that the lessons are aimed at promoting having a go and they are a family friendly environment allowing families to watch if they wish.

I love how my little girl can learn while doing something she really loves. There is a lot of imaginative dancing at the end of the Tiny Tutus lessons and that is beautiful to watch.

I love being able to watch my daughter dance. She gives me a big smile when she likes the exercise. She has been with Tiny Tutus for 3 years now and it has given her confidence, focus, and most of all she feels like a princess!

I am absolutely loving the confidence Tiny Tutus is building in my daughter’s character and the excitement I see in her face every time she has learnt a new dance move.

Absolutely loving the idea of being able to watch while my little ballerina is twirling! This is so assuring and a comfortable environment when ballerinas are as little as two years old.