16-30 MONTHS

Teeny Tiny Tutus

Dance with  your little ballerina

Teeny Tiny Tutus is a special class for children from 16 – 30 months where grownups (be that a Mummy, Daddy, Grandparent or any other special grownup) actively participate with their ballerinas. Participating grownups need to be dressed comfortable to be able to dance  and move with their ballerina. Please wear suitable footwear, sport shoes are recommended. Grownups must be prepared to be hands on and encourage their ballerina to dance for the whole class.

Teeny Tiny Tutus provides and environment where ballerinas and their grownup beautifully share dance, songs, rhythms, movements, instruments and magical props. The program encourages parents and children to embrace these things in each class, based on the idea that children are naturally musical and rhythmic. Children are absorbing the music and rhythms at all ages in their own way and the informal structure of the class accommodates each child at their individual level. Classes are 30 minutes in length.

Teeny Tiny Tutus is so much more than just another Mummy & Me Class!

All children are natural movers and shakers. Wiggling, dancing, singing and laughing with your little ballerina is so much fun – it’s easy to forget how much learning is going on at the same time!

Teeny Tiny Tutus develops not only your ballerina’s love of dance and music, it also nurtures creativity, self-expression and confidence! Your ballerina’s natural aptitude for music blossoms and they learn to move and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

Why does this happen?

Little ballerinas learn differently from grownups. They learn through imitation and play from those beautiful interactions with grownups who love them. Teeny Tiny Tutus is a family-like ‘safe’ setting, creating the perfect place where our youngest ballerinas can freely participate at their own level.

Grown-ups are Really Important!

Our youngest ballerinas learn through play, experimentation and by watching and listening to the grownups they love. Grown up, remember you need to join in!! Grownups needs to be enthusiastic participants to show their little ballerinas how much fun dance can be!

Our grownups don’t need to have any previous dance skills – you just need to be ready to get a bit silly and have a fabulous time with your ballerina. Get ready to dance, move, sing and play just like your ballerina!!! Previous experience isn’t necessary – the ability to have fun is all we need!!!

Method to the Madness

We recognise that parents and caregivers are the primary role models for their ballerina and if they see you doing the singing and dancing, they will be more inclined to do it as well. You will experience this first hand after the first class, as your little ballerina will probably still be singing the songs all the way home in the car and practising all the moves they learned in class in your lounge room, well after the ‘Tutus’ class has ended.

And that’s a good thing. You’ll see a difference in your ballerina as the term progresses. It’s also a great way to help kids get over any shyness they may have around other kids. Teeny Tiny Tutus is a magical memory creating time you can share with your little one!

What Our Parents Say

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Tiny Tutus Recital

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